Crystal Myths

   Lewis C Wilson started teaching himself how to work with glass in 1972 using a handheld propane torch and sunglasses.He was an Air Force medic working in an emergency room on the night shift. All the 4mm boro stirring rods from the laboratory vanished while he was there. In October of 1973 he started to work with Miguel Bonilla at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Shot Glasses

Deco Dancer

Glass Art Cover

Jan/Feb 2012

with Barbara Svetlick


Gollum abd Bilbo

Elf Goblets

Painted Dolphin

Clear sculpture Lewis

Paint Barbara Svetlick

Baby Dragons at Lynx

Roasting Marshmallows

Ground and Polished beads

Opal Eye Dancers

Mountain Spirit Dancers

Mescalero Apache

Hemis dancer    Mountain Spirit dancer  Sunface dancer

Double Fairy Goblet

Angels and Devils Chess Set


Lewis tree with bird

Barbara   design, flowers and steampunk

Eagle Dancer  Plains design